Totex Solutions To Extend Asset Life

Totex Contracting Solutions

Our Totex contracting solutions extend asset life and minimise downtime to help water companies meet ODIs.

Through cost-efficient contracting, Adler & Allan provide asset refurbishment and risk mitigation services that directly address AMP6 challenges.


Select A Challenge

Climate Change

The rapidly changing climate is placing critical assets and infrastructure at increased risk of costly flooding incidents.

Through JBAR®, our modular flood defence and secondary containment system, and our wide range of polyurea coatings, we provide comprehensive flood protection and asset resilience solutions that extend asset life and ensure serviceability following disruptive events.


Ageing Assets

Ageing assets and infrastructure present a significant challenge for water companies who typically look to expensive capital replacement as a solution.

Our coatings and refurbishment services offer a considerably less costly alternative that guarantees to extend asset life by a minimum of 10 years.


Environmental Legislation

The Environment Agency’s vigilance means poor stewardship and non-compliance have never been more costly.

Through our patented JBAR® flood defence system and Adalline® protective coatings, we are able to prevent adverse interactions between essential processes and the environment. This enables us to significantly reduce the likelihood of pollution incidents such as sewer floods, and mitigate the risks caused by asset failure and flood ingress.



Tougher regulatory targets are forcing water companies to look to innovative technologies to increase efficiency and reduce costs.

Our range of cost-effective coating services provide a means of achieving more for less, offering the long-term protection water companies need to meet ODIs and reap regulatory rewards for outperformance.


Investor Confidence

By mitigating environmental risk and helping water companies achieve ODIs, our flood protection and coating services enable water companies to maintain and enhance their reputation and investor confidence.

Population And Household Growth

Changing demographics are placing increased demand on water and wastewater services, increasing the risk of asset failure and reducing network resilience.

By ensuring that assets remain in service, our flood protection and coating technologies help water companies meet both current and projected demand.