Solutions To Prevent Pollution and Protect Assets

Pollution Prevention and Protection Services


Adler & Allan is a leading provider of pollution control, prevention, protection, and consultancy services.

From compiling pollution prevention and spill response plans, to maintaining and testing storage tanks and pollution control equipment, we ensure that your pollution prevention measures work properly, effectively safeguard the environment, and meet all regulatory demands.

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Tank Bunding, Lining, and Maintenance

Bund lining systems can be applied to almost any substrate, and being eco-friendly with low or no solvents or VOCs, work well in confined spaces. They withstand expansion, contraction and a wide range of temperatures.

Tested to ASTM standards and used successfully in thousands of applications, they will extend the life of your assets, reduce maintenance costs and save money on unnecessary replacements. Our linings are suitable for a vast range of applications and are currently used in the Electrical Utilities, Power Generation, Manufacturing, Marine, Forecourts and Water industries.

Separator Services

Separators are designed to trap harmful substances before they enter the surrounding area, but if they are not serviced and become blocked, apart from the pollution risk, flooding can also be a problem as water cannot run off-site.

Separator maintenance, including separator cleaning, is also essential for legislative reasons, providing the information needed for service log scrutiny during environmental inspections. The Environment Agency standard, PPG3 and European standard, EN858-2, both state that separators should be serviced at least twice a year and in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. Adler & Allan offer one to five year service contracts for separator maintenance.


BoxSep TM offers all the features of a normal separator, but works in areas where space is restricted. BoxSep TM can be used where there is a risk of ground contamination and site space will not allow for a standard separator installation. It is designed specifically to operate in conjunction with Bund Water Control Units on electricity transformer bunds covering areas as small as 9m² up to 120m².

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Bund Water Control

Bunds are a watertight secondary containment area constructed around oil (or chemical) storage facilities to prevent leaks and spills polluting watercourses. A Bund Water Control Unit is a cost effective de-watering solution providing best practice for the environmental management of bunded areas, ensuring a site is compliant with Pollution Prevention Guide 2.

Remote Monitoring

Adler & Allan offer wireless and online monitoring 24/7/365, across the globe. Remote monitoring is an essential early warning tool to prevent environmental spills, flooding and even dwindling fuel supplies. Adler & Allan can install and maintain remote monitoring equipment for separators and bunds, as well as supply Automatic Shut off Valves and telemetry systems which allow our customers to receive up to date information about their monitored equipment, wherever they are in the world.

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