Environmental Services To Protect Profits

Environmental Services


Adler & Allan offers a comprehensive range of environmental protection, consultancy, and waste management services to safeguard your business and the surrounding environment.

From contaminated land investigation and remediation; to classifying, packaging and arranging the disposal of bulk liquid industrial wastes, packaged hazardous wastes and laboratory chemical smalls; we provide industry-leading environmental services that protect you from regulatory breach, and the environment from damage.

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Site Decontamination

Adler & Allan deliver a comprehensive site decontamination service to many industries that store or use hazardous chemicals and materials. Following emergency response or where planned works are required, our highly trained and experienced chemical engineering teams work to ensure that risks to the environment and human health are safely eliminated.

We can offer this service for most types of dangerous contaminants including acids, toxics and radioactive components (low activity).

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Land Remediation

Adler & Allan’s land remediation service provides a seamless transition from spill response, through post-spill assessment and Options Appraisal to remediation of soil and groundwater. We have in-house capabilities in the following remediation techniques:

Physical remediation techniques including; excavation and disposal of contaminated soils in operational environments; installation of free product recovery trenches; active and passive methods of product recovery from groundwater; stabilisation/solidification for treatment of soil contamination.

Biological remediation techniques including; ex-situ soil remediation and in-situ groundwater remediation

Chemical remediation techniques including; in-situ chemical oxidation for treatment of groundwater and ex-situ chemical oxidation for soil remediation.

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Waste Management

Adler & Allan can classify and collect most types and quantities of waste, including bulk liquid industrial wastes, packaged hazardous wastes and laboratory chemical smalls. We can handle toxics, flammables, and oxidizers as well as non-hazardous materials.

Our comprehensive fleet of tankers will manage all types of hazardous waste removal projects.

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Adler & Allan has the expertise and experience to help your organisation make the most well-informed business and environmental decisions. We can keep you up to date with all relevant legislation and regulations so that your sites remain clean and safe, with plans in place for dealing with emergencies.

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