Protecting Critical Assets From Corrosion

Cathodic Protection From Adler & Allan

Adler & Allan’s corrosion protection division provides specialist services and expertise in the application of Impressed Current Cathodic Protection (ICCP), Sacrificial Anode Systems, and surge prevention.

Designed to safeguard critical assets and infrastructure, Cathodic Protection prevents leaks and corrosion on metallic assets that come into contact with sea, groundwater, and rivers. Where leaks and corrosion do occur, pollution, environmental clean-up, repairs, and replacement on industrial installations are often the result, incurring needless costs for the parties involved.

Covering feasibility studies, engineering design, installation, commissioning and maintenance, our specialist Cathodic Protection service mitigates these risks, delivering the most cost effective solution available. The service is ideal for a range of sectors, including oil and petrochemical companies, ports and jetties, water authorities, and government organisations.

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Water Mains And Facilities

Adler & Allan provide a number of services to prevent external corrosion and have worked in collaboration with Water Authorities throughout the UK to develop comprehensive and reliable solutions. These include many types of ground beds, both sacrificial and impressed current anodes, and transformer installations along the length of water mains.

Clarifiers And Sedimentary Tanks

Constructed in complex subdivisions, clarifiers are particularly prone to large areas of exposed steel that require specially designed hybrid Cathodic Protection systems. To address this, we use suspended iron or mixed metal oxide anodes to protect the main body of the clarifier and reduce bacterial growth.

For Sedimentary Tanks, ICCP anodes are sufficient.

Industrial Plant Protection

Corrosion protection is particularly important in industrial applications where safety, efficiency, and profitability depend on the reliability of equipment and pipelines.

Adler & Allan can install Cathodic Protection systems for industrial plants of any size, including power stations, refineries and chemical plants. We can also meet the specialised needs of residential heating schemes.

Outfall and Intake Protection

For outfalls and intakes, Cathodic Protection is critical to reducing environmental risk and high maintenance costs.

In the case of sewerage outfalls, it is critical that the integrity of the pipeline as a whole is maintained to allow for maximum dispersion. As a result, we also offer protection for the diffusers that assist in this process.

River Estuary Crossings

Pipelines crossing estuaries, rivers, and other shipping lanes are especially vulnerable to high levels of turbulence which accelerates erosion and the risk of physical damage.

Cathodic Protection effectively prevents corrosion, providing additional protection in instances where coatings have broken-down. Our ICCP systems are suitable for both onshore and offshore installations, with anode beds created horizontally or vertically as required.

Maintenance Contracts

Regardless of the application, we offer regular maintenance to ensure our Cathodic Protection systems perform optimally for the entirety of their service lives.

This level of maintenance is especially important as where systems are neglected, a fault may go unnoticed until a serious corrosion incident has occurred.

Our maintenance contracts minimise this risk, guaranteeing that systems are thoroughly examined and tested by qualified corrosion engineers at agreed intervals. Even in instances where we are not the original supplier, we are able to offer this as a standalone service.

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