Asset Resilience Solutions To Lower TCO

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Asset Resilience is critical to minimising the Total Cost of Ownership for DNO assets.

Increased budgetary demands are forcing DNOs to move away from capital replacement solutions in favour of cost-effective solutions that effectively extend the life of existing assets and lower TCO.

To effectively minimise disruption, de-risk asset failure, and minimise the Total Cost of Ownership for these critical DNO assets, Adler & Allan offer a range of asset resilience services and solutions that significantly extend asset life and reduce costs in a number of ways.

Minimised Asset and Collateral Damage

Spray coating substation switch houses with AdlerCoat coatings mitigates any potential damage to transformers or the wider environment when disruptive events occur, preventing flood water ingress and contamination from oil leaks.

Minimised Downtime

Used in conjunction, AdlerCoatTM coatings and JBAR® minimise the impacts of disruptive events to ensure that the minimum number of assets are affected, allowing operations to continue with minimal disruption. With fewer resources required to return assets to their previous states, any downtime or asset recovery costs incurred are minimised.

Extended Asset Life

AdlerCoatTM coatings are guaranteed via warranty to extend asset life by at least 10 years, providing a cost-effective alternative to the capital expenditure and replacement that proves especially costly in the long-term. Requiring no downtime or outage for application, AdlerCoatTM coatings provide a quick, eco-friendly, and dependable refurbishment solution that is trusted to protect all 7 DNOs from environmental threats.

Lower Rebuild and Recovery Costs

Adler & Allan’s resilience solutions significantly reduce the level of damage assets experience during disruptive incidents, meaning the resources required to return assets to an optimal state are considerably lowered, contributing to a lower TCO. Magnified across multiple assets following floods and various other disruptive incidents over the course of decades, the cumulative cost savings resilience presents are considerable.

TCO Resilient Savings Diag

For more information on our wide range of services and solutions and how they help minimise TCO, call us on 0800 592 827, view our latest case studies, or contact us.