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16 May How disruption impacts on how we think about and manage assets

Posted at 14:36 in Resilience

In the second article revisiting our past commentary on Disruption in preparation for Utility Week Live, we’re taking a look at the ways disruption in all its forms impacts on how we think about and manage assets. Where once utilities focused on complete protection as a way to address its challenges, we are now seeing […]

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10 May The 12 Forces of Disruption that affect Utility Assets

Posted at 12:36 in Resilience

New technologies, evolving business models, and heightened customer expectations all mean that Business as Usual is no longer something any of us can rely on. Ironically, the only certainty now is uncertainty. With a theme of Disruption at Utility Week Live 2018, we thought we’d revisit some of our past commentary on the challenges utilities […]

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7 Mar Can New Ideas Really Replace Traditional Water Industry Practices?

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It’s been some time since I shared my thoughts on the state of the water industry on LinkedIn. I wrote my last article about two weeks after Ofwat published its draft methodology for PR19. Since then, I’ve had plenty of time to consider the scope of the challenges water companies will have to tackle to […]

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26 Oct Tackling Major Contamination Risks With Next Generation Coatings

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As my role at Adler & Allan suggests, I am a firm believer that prevention is better than cure, and with this in mind, I am pleased to be able to talk you through another one of Adler & Allan’s many resilience projects. We were recently contacted by SSE to perform a survey on their […]

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16 Oct How Growing Uncertainty Is Changing How Organisations Care for Their Assets

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There needs to be a greater focus on data-driven decisions to help mitigate our collective susceptibility to business risk. This is not to say organisations have necessarily been neglecting the use of data in their decision making. Rather, it is to help them reassess its importance in what is becoming an increasingly uncertain world. Political […]

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10 Sep Uncertainty has always had a role to play in the business world

Posted at 11:22 in Resilience

Take a look at any financial market and you’ll see that peaks and troughs are just as natural, necessary and inevitable as the fall of any seemingly untouchable empire throughout history. However, even with this in mind, it is clear that we’re living in unprecedented times where risks are evolving at a particularly alarming rate. […]

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1 Sep Asset Resilience In Practice: A Case Study on Environmental Containment

Posted at 10:07 in Flood Resilience, Resilience

In this article I’ll be talking you through one of our projects – this time concerning an NHS clinic in Oxfordshire. As you can see from the images below, this particular site housed an un-bunded heating oil tank. While technically a double skinned tank that did not require bunding according to the relevant legislation, the […]

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16 Jun How To Tackle The Dangers of Uneven Water Spend Cycles

Posted at 7:59 in Resilience

One potential drawback of regulated investment cycles is that spending profiles are often uneven, placing ‘feast and famine‘ stresses on supply chains that are often operating on lean resources determined through competitive tendering for ‘mouth watering’ programmes of work. As the water industry enters Year 3 of the current Asset Management Period (AMP) and attention […]

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30 May How Scientific Advances Can Help Water Companies Meet AMP6 Targets

Posted at 13:46 in Resilience

In my past couple of articles I’ve been focussing almost exclusively on the critical role Totex and asset resilience both play in delivering against and outperforming ODIs for AMP6. While I cannot overstate how important these are to meeting targets and maximising future budgets for the next Asset Management Period (AMP), I’m also aware that […]

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16 May Why Pollution Fines Should Be a Turning Point For Water Companies

Posted at 13:27 in Resilience

Under investment and a lack of resilience have always posed a risk to the assets and infrastructure that utilities rely on to deliver their services effectively. However, despite AMP6’s focus on customers (which is essentially a euphemism for serviceability and reliability), there is no shortage of instances where water companies are failing to maintain critical […]

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