Adler & Allan Polyurea Coatings: The Secret Weapon In Asset Resilience

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Our polyurea coatings are some of the toughest and most durable protective coatings available in the industry.

Suitable for lining and coating fuel and chemical tanks and bunding, pipelines,  oil storage tanks, floors, walls, roofs and practically any external or internal surface; our coatings protect key assets against deterioration, degradation, and structural weakness.

Our Polyurea coatings include:

Polyshield HT Slow FC

Our Polyshield HT Slow FC Polyurea has been regulated, tested and approved for direct and incidental contact with food according to FDA regulations and is compliant with high temperatures, heat sterilised and non-acid aqueous food contact.  Through our partner, SPI, we are the only company in Europe with this certification for this product. The properties of the polyurea ensure a more hygienic surface which is easier to clean.


Our Adalline® polyurea coatings are suitable for secondary containment and flood mitigation solutions within Food Manufacturing businesses to line and coat fuel and chemical tanks and bunding, pipelines,  oil storage tanks, floors, walls and roofs

Waterproof, hydrocarbon resistant, and designed to add structural integrity to any surface, Adalline® and Polyshield HT Slow FC coatings are fast-drying and withstand expansion, contraction and a wide range of temperatures.

As a result, they make excellent containment and flood protection solutions, providing a lasting barrier that is guaranteed (via warranty) to significantly extend the life of critical assets.

All our Polyurea coatings are currently used to safeguard essential assets in a number of industries including Electrical Utilities, Power Generation, Manufacturing, Food and Beverage Manufacturing, Marine, Forecourts and Water.

Our coatings can also be used in conjunction with our patented modular flood defence system, JBAR®, to provide a superior long-term solution to hazardous spill containment and flood water ingress.


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Structural Integrity

Adds structural integrity to any surface and can expand and contract to allow cracking of up to 15mm without defect.

100% Waterproof

Suitable for flood protection, corrosion control, and pipeline, tank, and fuel and chemical bund coating.


With a 50 year design life and 10 year warranty, Adalline® coatings maintain chemical resistance, adhesion and other physical properties for decades.

Non-Disruptive Application

Virtually unaffected by high humidity, temperature and residual moisture during and after application, Adalline® coatings can be applied with minimal disruption to service.

Extremely Fast Setting

Touch-dry in seconds and fully set within 24 hours.

Eco Friendly

No hydrocarbons, vapours, fumes or chemicals released during or after application.

See ADALLINE® 400 in action


See how Adalline® can significantly extend the life of critical water assets.

Flexible, Strong & Guaranteed Waterproof!

See how Adalline® adds hydrocarbon resistance to your assets (even a cardboard box!)

Sledgehammer ready!

Watch the Destruction Challenge & see how Adalline® lets no hydrocarbons out, even after hammering.

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